You're About to Experience a Masterclass in Sales Psychology

Every element on this page is designed to convert you. Why are we telling you this? Because we'll do the same for your products.

18+ Years in Business

A long-standing history of delivering innovative and successful online solutions.

$100M+ in Our Product Sales

Our in-house brands have generated over $100 million in sales.

$Billions in Clients' Sales

Clients using our services have achieved billions in sales.

The Problem

This is where we highlight the problem you're facing, even if you weren't fully aware of it.

Did you know that single-product funnels can increase conversion rates by up to 30% compared to traditional websites? That's the potential you're missing out on.

Did you also know that asking questions, and putting in authentic stats such as "30%" grab attention and increase trust? 😉

Our goal here is to clearly place the problem in your sight. In your case, it's a lower than hoped-for conversion rate or ROAS (return on ad spend).

While a fully functional website builds trust and brand value, it's often not optimized for conversions, especially with a variety of products. Individual product funnels can be so successful that larger companies will utilize up to 18 per item.

Is it easier to order at In-N-Out or The Cheesecake Factory? Individual product funnels are designed to quickly convert a customer without distraction.

Agitating the Problem

Now, here's where we agitate you (apologies in advance). Have you ever wondered why, despite having a great product, your conversion rates aren't hitting their peak potential?

You've probably noticed successful competitors offering a variety of ways to get customers to buy their products. So why haven't you created multiple funnels yet for your products? There are dozens of tools like Leadpages, ClickFunnels, WishPond, and Flodesk... but that's not the real issue.

Your time, and ensuring its not being wasted on ineffective funnels is why you are here. We understand the hesitation and the overwhelming nature of this task, and that's exactly why we're here.

FOMO - Limiting Our Offer

Before we reveal our solution, understand that we can't work with everyone. Yes, this is a tactic we're using on you, but it's also our policy.
We won't work with competitors of brands we currently manage, nor will we build funnels for products we deem harmful, illegal, or "scammy." We have our principles, and we stick to them.

Crafted and Manage the Digital Presence & Website

Developed and Continuously Enhance Website & Digital Strategy

Brand Creation and Total Management

Presenting the Solution

Here's where we solve your problem. We don't offer templates or a DIY approach. We know what works and what doesn't, so we'll do it all for you.

Our Process & What You Get

We're not just building a funnel; we're crafting your success story. Here's how we do it and what you'll receive:

1. Dual Landing Page Designs

Two unique, visually appealing landing page designs, each an entry point to your brand's story. Perfect for A/B testing, these designs let you quickly determine which resonates better with your audience, optimizing your conversion rates.

2. Expert Copywriting

Persuasive copy that speaks directly to your customers, converting them on their first visit.

3. Streamlined Checkout Process

A checkout process that’s not just a formality but a continuation of the conversion journey.

4. Order Bumps for A/B Testing

Two variations of order bumps to test and optimize the additional sales at the point of purchase. An order bump is a last-minute offer presented during checkout, a simple add-on to increase order value.

5. One-Click Post-Sale Upsells

Two options for one-click upsells post-purchase, encouraging additional sales without re-entering payment details. A one-click upsell is an offer made after the initial purchase, allowing customers to add to their order with a single click.

6. Complete Ownership & Flexibility

Full ownership of the funnel with the flexibility to make changes as your business evolves.

Our Workflow

1. Initial Consultation

We begin with a call to understand your product and ensure alignment. If your product is not approved, you get a full, rapid refund.

2. Gathering Your Inputs

Approved clients will provide product images, desired content, media mentions, and relevant stats. Lack some elements? We'll still craft a compelling narrative.

3. Building Your Funnel

We get to work. Post-build, we'll review everything together, making adjustments as needed.

4. Final Delivery & Training

Upon final delivery, we'll guide you through your new funnel, ensuring you're equipped to make on-the-fly adjustments.

Our Offer

Brightladder stepped into the trü frü brand at a pivotal moment of rebranding. They took our minimal conceptual etchings, internalized our dream website experience, and executed it beautifully and functionally. Their prowess in online service management is truly unmatched.
Brady Anderton
CMO, Trü Frü

Your Next Step

Just like we've guided you through this journey, turning your curiosity into serious consideration, we're ready to do the same for your customers. We've demonstrated our expertise in action – now let's apply it to skyrocket your product sales.

Ready to boost your ROAS? Book a call with us. If our funnels don't deliver the results you expect, we'll refund you 100% after deleting the funnels. No catch, just our commitment to your success.

FAQs for Brightladder's Funnel-Building Services

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